Types of Damage



Types of Damage

Hard disks in computers can only record data or display results with the assistance of 3 important components: platters, hardware, and software. If these 3 components or even one cannot function properly, the data transmission between the computer and the hard disk can be blocked. Or, in another case, the magnetic property of the disk becomes degenerative and such degeneration makes the disk unreadable. All these conditions are considered, as everyone mentions, the loss data.

“Without any charge, customers may send their data storage medium to IDR staff for a preliminary inspection before deciding whether to recover their data or not.”


Failure Categories:

1. Software Failure
Inadvertent deletion, new Window software installation, format without a backup, corrupted data structure, firmware malfunctions, virus attacks, etc.
2. Physical Failure
Short circuit, liquid damage, fall, any attack while hard disks are running, an inactive platter, a ruined header, a bad sector, or degenerative hard disks after their lifetime, etc.
3. Operating System, Application, Windows
Linux, Unix, Mac, Database, Mail etc.

Thus far, all data losses have often caused total chaos to all the data owners since the lost data is always essential and urgent. Everyone thus strives to regain their lost data; however, only data recovery is the best option to solve this issue for 3 reasons:

  1. Lost data are irreplaceable, e.g. photographs of memories or moments which no one can make a journey backwards through time to retake them.
  2. Lost data can be reproduced; however, such reproduction takes a great deal of manpower and too much time to waste, for instance, research data, accounting details, or other sales data, especially those with a high pile of original paper documents accumulated for so many years.
  3. Lost data are renewable and reusable, but with extra payments or wage costs to regenerate. Filming movies, studio work, high-structuring design, etc.
Do Not power on

Do Not Repair

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