"IDR LAB The Leader Recovery Center of Thailand"

Inter Data Recovery Company Limited (IDR LAB) is trusted Recovery Center of Thailand and other country more than 10 years, because out International standard in recovery technology  including ISO 9001:2015 by MASCI and expert in recovering technology.

"How to do when the data lost? "
When you find out that the hard disk has broken or damaged you should send the hard disk to us as soon as possible.
"Why you should choose the Recovery center with the global standard?"
“Wrong recovery can harm your life” As you know data is important, so if you don’t do the right thing to recover it may cause your data permanently loss. 
ADD LINE ID : @idrlab 
Hot line 24 Hrs.
094 692 8080, 080 591 3536

02 7441 911, 02 7441 912
MON - FRI : 08:00 - 17:00 น.
SAT : 09:00 - 17:00 น.

"Data loss appears to be a slightly problem. However, if compared the business asset losses with intangible values such as photos, video, research data, design artwork and financial account information including the achive data that will be use for future reference. The value of these data is not worth a dime yet. Some organization may have a back up plan but their back up system still have many risks of data loss like flood, fire, electric surge, system crash or even human error of their staff at data center."
"IDR Data Care recovery insurance"
The package to cover your recovery cost for a year with unlimited time to recover.
"Insurance Raid System Recovery"
Because the server is important, with our package you can recover your data that include all disk interface like SCSI, SAS without more payment.
"IDR Library knowledge"
All knowledge about hard disk problem, how to maintenance your data storage.






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